Our Story

Our Story
Founded in 1988 and sustained by a reputation for striving to achieve 100 percent customer satisfaction, Riverside Millwork currently serves the East Coast, with a high concentration in the mid-Atlantic and Southeastern sections of the United States. A majority of our creative craftsmen have been with the company for over 20 years. Long-standing relationships with industry partners and valued customers have been a trade mark of Riverside Millwork.
We reward loyalty with consistent craftsmanship.
Why Riverside Millwork?
Constantly examining and challenging our own creations, all of Riverside’s doors and products are hand-made on location.  That ensures our level of quality is always met.  Our creative difference is cut from a plan with no shortcuts.  We treat all end grain of panels and stiles with preservatives to seal against moisture.  Our door panels are ripped, jointed, and profiled to prevent splitting or warping over years of exposure to the elements. Our door stiles consist of end blocks and are edge-band to give the appearance of a solid wood product.  And all of our stiles are made of engineered stave cores to prevent warping.  Our glazing techniques are above industry standards, allowing us to eliminate failures in the field.  It is the many little things we do that answer the question: Why Riverside Millwork?



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